Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pet Peeve time again

Last week my husband was carded while trying to buy O'Doul's Beer, which has less alcohol in it than most cough medicines. Now, this is a 65 year old man with a grey ponytail and a nearly white beard. The woman insisted that he could not buy beer unless he could prove he was over 21.

it's all well and good to be careful, but caution does need to be tempered with common sense. In this instance I think stupidity won out. And all she had to do was LOOK at him to see he had met and passed the legal drinking ago decades ago...what makes this even more bizarre is that a year ago he was carded for the same offense in another store. sigh.

In the supermarket today I actually focused on the cigarette display, which these days is not a wealth of various brands and styles, lining the checkout counter aisle, but a locked and god help us chain-padlocked display behind heavy glass. It looks eminently unbreakable. I suppose at $6+ a pack they would want to keep those valuable little containers safely tucked away, but there's something slightly chilling about such extreme measures--and then you realize that a child seen holding an unopened pack, or even an unlit cigarette, can be arrested--and then you think, if they're that dangerous (which in a way they are) why are they even sold at ALL?

If Uncle Sam could find a way to legalize for profit cocaine, heroine, and marijuana, you can be sure it would be done. The only reason cigarettes are even sold at all is because the government gets a great deal of money out of the process.

and last week on a heavily traveled two way highway I saw a young woman in the breakdown lane, roller blading. Cell phone glued in place. it would have been okay, but the breakdown lane there is fairly narrow, so every left footed stroke carried her over the white line and into the traffic coming up behind her. Everyone had to swerve to miss her, and that meant oncoming cars had to swerve as well, to keep from hitting the cars that were... well, you get the effect--I cannot tell you how much I wanted to ease her back off the road with the passenger side of my car...really really wanted to. So I laid on the horn, just for something to do, and she turned to look at me with this blank expression that had "whatEVER" written all over it, the facial equivalent of the finger. One of the very few times I have EVER wanted a cell phone, *g*

There seems to be a certain level of entitlement with people like that, they really dont give a rip about the people they're endangering, or discommoding. And if she did manage to zig into another car's zag, it would immediately be his fault, not hers.

I really really wanted to. oh yeah.


  1. If she didnt think he was 21, maybe he should have asked her for a date. I think I would feel great if someone thought I was underage. Instead they started offering me senior discounts before I turned 50.

  2. that clerk was just being stupid, harvey. Someone told her to 'card everyone' and she was following orders. Sometimes you have to think, as well. He was just annoyed, because all he wanted to do was buy his beer and leave, not have to shuffle through his wallet for his license. He said the other folks in line (waiting waiting waiting...) thought it was funny, until he reminded them They Were Next. No more snickers, lol.

    I do know it's awfully hard sometimes for people who are older to distinguish 30 from 20, or 25 from 18; and it can be equally hard for someone a great deal younger to weed out the 50s from the 60s. To them, anyone older than they are is really really old, like, you know, a par-rent...