Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Car whines

I was going through new car sites today, seeing what's out there. Mostly curiosity, since Im keeping t his little car until it's time to give it to the junk man...and one of the things that convinced me, was the number of cars touted as having "great gas mileage" and then you read the numbers. Best of the lot, in Honda, anyway, was 30 city, 34 highway. Excuse me? And for a price tag somewhere over 20K. The hybrid, which is usually way too expensive for what you get, trumpets 40mpg. wow. What no one ever factors in is the cost of that brutally expensive battery, and what recharging that puppy will cost in electricity every time you recharge it. Of course you're saving money at the pump, and saving gasoline. But the electricity you use to charge that up at home uses oil at the other end, to make electricity.

I did the math on this once, and it turns out that to amortize your expenses you would have to own that car for ten years. and if you figure in how steep car payments are these days, make that twenty years, since the interest rates on an auto loan usually double the original cost of a car by the time you're paid it off.

In addition, the batteries are brutally expensive, and need to be replaced every three or four years. I found out today that what is IN those batteries comes from an open pit mine in canada, and is truly toxic stuff. Sounds better and better, don't it.

but we can fire up our hybrid cars, ignore the whirring of the electric meter, and feel good about saving the planet. god bless america.


  1. ative American flut and it's cherry, I think, or some other lovely red wood. The best thing about it, of course, is that it helps your regulate your breath, especially when you're playing the long, low notes common to most of the Native melodies common too the Plains.

    I have this friend who gets all wound up about things, like being carded for beer or the bogus mileage claims & battery costs for hybrid cars. I'm thinking I should send her one, tell her to play it for at least an hour every day and see if maybe she feels bett

  2. you know, I have a flute, bought it at a craft show years ago, it has a lovely silver tone to match its color. I also have a penny whistle. And a bamboo flute. The problem is, as much as I love to play, I don't have the 'lip' for a flute and mostly all I get is that annoying 'phweet phweet' that's mostly air, or the squeal that sends cats and dogs into hiding until she feels better.

    The pennywhistle I can play, but I gave it up a long time ago since I simply did not have the breath for it. Since then I've given up smoking and suspect I could take it up once more, but there seem to be other things that take precedence.

    But I have this friend who shows concern for what he perceives to be my getting all wound up about minor things, when in reality I'm venting through what is the equivalent of three panes of glass (you can see the mouth move but no sound seems to come out), and it isnt really as ferocious as it seems.

    But the concern is nice, and not unnoticed, and appreciated. Maybe later I will hunt up the penny whistle again and go outside, and play something. It promises to annoy the devil out of the neighbors, since sound travels well in fog, and it will take them hours to work it out.