Saturday, August 22, 2009

the tomatoes are a volunteer that simply took over, and it has at least a dozen small fruits--the potatoes I dug this morning because the leaves were looking less than healthy, and came up with 25 pounds--the man who sold me the sets said they should yield 10 to 1, pound-wise. I bought two pounds , and have already exceeded the limit. One more box to dig. if the others pan out as well, I may get a 15 to 1 yield...


  1. I love new potatoes. I like to take the tiny ones and cook them with green beans. I think potatoes are the most productive and sensible crop you can grow. No canning, easy storage. I may plant potatoes next year.

  2. I used a long raised bed, one that had last year's compost in it, and they really went to town. The guy at the feed store also suggested sulphur powder for a bulb dust, and to treat the soil and leaves part way through the season. It must have worked, I never did see a potato bug.

  3. The folks that raised gardens here this year are saying they didnt have potato bugs either..maybe the Japanese beetles ate the potato bugs. You say you put sulphur on the bulbs?? Is that the part you planted. We always cut the seed potatoes in a few pieces with eyes on each then planted. My wifes mother always ate the seed potatoes and just planted the fairly thick peeling with eyes on them, they did ok too.

  4. i misspoke, Harvey. I meant the seed potatoes. Maybe it was just a bad year (or a good one) for potato bugs. and yeah, I've raised pretty good potatoes just from the skins, too.

    One thing people around here do, is to try to plant on new ground when dealing with potatoes. it does seem to work. My theory about that is, just about the time the potato critters have scoped out the territory for next year, you are thinking about moving the patch several yards or more AWAY from where it is now. They show up, there's no potatoes, and they go bother someone else.

    Im planning on a different compost bin next year, and I'll plant annuals in this one for a year or two, let the soil recover.

    sulphur powder is something Ive never used before, but apparently it does good things all over the garden. learn something new every day, yessir.

  5. Do you say potato or potato; tomato or tomato?

    Write back soon & tell me. I have to know because if you don't say it right we can't be friends anymore; we'll have to call the whole thing off.

    I really dig potatoes, too. Potatoes, Potatoes. Potatoes. YUM.

    (PS) I have to go back to work tomorrow. Every year, I tell myself I won't wait until August to take my vacation, but this year....Jackpot!

    Do you say vacation or vacation?

  6. as to the stunning potato/potato question, why, yes I do.
    and I simply cannot imagine you saying potahto.

    Potato. Good food.

    I say, why vacation somewhere else, when I can sit on my own porch and watch the summer pass, for free?

  7. I say tomatoes and potatoes. but catch me when Im in a hurry and its taters and maters.

  8. Im a long "a" person too, all the way. Taters, yes, but maters, nevah. On a shopping list its pots and toms.