Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Potato Woman reports

Planting potatoes is an act of faith, in many ways, and waiting for them to reach the right size can be almost unbearable, since they are buried so deep you really have no clue from the tops as to how things are going down there. From experience with other vegetable crops, Ive learned the hard way that the fancier the foliage, often the poorer the yield, tomatoes being one exception to all of this--possibly because the fruit needs the leaves for shelter, shade, and to bring nutrition to the tomatoes as sunlight.

Peppers prefer one over the other, and usually good leaves and tall vigorous plants mean a really good harvest of leaves but not much else.

And today I decided to pull up one of the sadder looking potato vines just to see what kind of progress was being made. and up came one very small potato and one apple sized potato. this being the end of July, i would say with luck I might get a fair yield out of what I planted.


  1. I don't grow potatoes anymore, but I can tell you the vines don't tell what is under the ground. We planted in a very rich area once, the vines got waist high and fell over, not many potatoes and the ones we got had a white fungus that made the potatoes rot really fast. The people that bought my farm brought by potatoes for me the other day. They were Yukon Gold..best potatoes I have ever ate.

  2. Oh, i realize the tops tell you nothing about the bottoms, in potatoes. I've hilled them up three times, and actually used a sulfur powder on them before planting, dusted the soil when they sprouted, and then the leaves when they got big enough. No bugs so far, and in spite of the rain, no mildew.

    Yukon Gold is a good potato, Im not sure what these were, perhaps one of the Maine varieties, which are pretty tolerant of New England weather--the hardest time I have when I do plant potatoes, is finding new ground for them. They seem to do better where they havent been before, so I may just move the next crop into another compost bin next year. They seem to enjoy that. *s*