Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On my way out today...

I passed a small church in Chichester which always has interesting messages on its marquee--for nearly a year it proclaimed, baldly, "BLESS GOD, AMERICA!" which seemed a nice blend of hubris and enthusiasm. Im sure God appreciated the help.

Today the new one proclaims, "IF YOU DO RIGHT

which gave me something to think about for quite some time--it bothered me, at some level, and then I realized why. Who decides what 'right' is? Equally important, who decides what "wrong" is? Im sure all those good-hearted earnest missionaries at the turn of the last century believed to their very core that what they were doing in Africa, saving all those heathens from damnation by giving them smallpox and Jesus in equal measure, was 'right'. As one of them put it, "They may die, but at least they're going to their Maker."


  1. I went by a church in Tincup Colorado that had a sign that said "This is Gods country so dont drive like hell through here"

  2. you gotta love that name, Tincup. and the sign, that's perfect.

    my all-time favorite road sign is on the Ohio Turnpike, near what must be the state prison. it warns motorists not to pick up hitchhikers, they could be escaped prisoners.

    "Oh, honey, let's stop for that nice man with the orange jumpsuit and the shaved head...he looks lost..."

    It also doesnt say a lot about the security there, either. *g*

  3. "Call when you leave
    your home and your order
    will be ready when you arrive."

    Now *there's* a twofer for ya.

  4. perfect, just perfect.

    a local restaurant has one of those table signs advertising specials...

    with a scoop
    of ice cream"

  5. Local Laundromat:
    "The Owners Are Not Responsible"

    A real faith-builder, that one.

  6. nothing like irresponsible laundromat owners, yep.

    The sign said, "ceaser salad". A week later it had been changed to Ceser salad, and not long after, Caeser salad (gettin' closer) which made everyone happy for about two weeks, then someone else gave it a try, and "Cesar" reigned, at least for a little while. now it's just "tossed sallad".