Thursday, June 18, 2009

Peonies etc

two years ago I transplanted about five different peony bushes to replace the killer quince bush that had been growing there. last summer the peonies all sprouted, and set buds, but I noticed a curious thing: they were all leaning and I do mean leaning, away from the apple trees to their north. Then I noticed that growing between the apple trees was that huge 60 foot ash tree, and it truly loomed over everything. It didn't cast much shade, being on the north, but I had a feeling that the Peonies were uncomfortable with it there. Plants need certain things, and they will show you very clearly what is working and what isnt.

So. This year while we were in chain saw mode, I said, let's take down that huge ash, it's crowding out the apple trees, it drives me crazy trying to mow around it, and think the peonies don't like it there. He's a patient man, my husband, and quite forgiving of what Im sure he thinks are my weird notions, sometimes.

However. The peonies this year are no longer leaning away, they're growing nice and straight and tall without a hint of distress. Whatever works, and this seems to have done the trick. Go, Peonies.

Today I had determined to go shopping, intent on replacing all those jeans that overwinter have shrunk to unmanageable sizes. You know how that is...all that cold shrivels 'em right up, and I am down to one pair that seems to fit all the time, no matter what the scales say. But as I was cruising goodwill and the Salvation Army for replacements, I realized that I was doing this backwards. Instead of spending money to get bigger clothes to fit me NOW, why not just lose the damn weight back down to where the clothes I already have will fit again? It was so obvious, and so simple. And I think it was just enough to get that silly diet rolling again.


  1. Oh I'd do most anything to help peonies and apple trees.

  2. I does what I can, Cindy. And anything else that happens by. It still amazes me that plants be that sensitive to environment, and that selective. If a plant that should grow won't, I find a place that is a bit different and see what happens. Some tolerate lots of company, like daylilies, and will muscle up through almost anything to grow. Others, like tomatoes and russian sage, need a bit of room and a LOT of light. No crowding, please.

    Sorta like people.