Monday, June 8, 2009

The June Garden

in spite of the ridiculously cold May we just had (some people in the lowlands are now replanting), everything still seems to be about two weeks ahead of last year, in part because the snow cleared so quickly, without any of nature's little reminders, the kind that leave you a foot of flurries here and six inches of ice there...

What is always an endless pleasure is the way the same plants keep doing the same thing every year, and still have the capacity to surprise the hell out of me. I discovered this year that russian sage (the vicks vapo rub plant) spreads, if you give it enough room and time. It is borderline invasive, but it also means I can spread the joy to all my friends, six plants at a time *g*. And every year as I weed and mulch I find new surprises--often it's something I planted last year that got lost in the summer growth, often it's something totally new, like the lovely orchid phlox that just appeared in the middle of everything and Queen Anne's Lace, the loveliest of wild flowers--something most people have too much of, but this is the first Ive seen in 37 years here.

Some things I knew about last year, but have totally forgotten what they are, at least until they bloom and I can look them up.

All the potatoes are up, the first planting of carrots is into real leaves and if I look very closely I can see teeny baby pepper flowers getting ready to bud out.

Now if I could just find my grass clippers...

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