Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gravity 1, Cuffy 0

There was a scrabbling on the kitchen roof (my computer overlooks the roof), and realized Cuffy was making his morning tour of the premises. One of his stops is the kitchen roof--by ladder-- where he has a good claw on the plywood I left there for just that reason--he peers in the windows, startling the hell out of any cat who happens to be napping there--but this morning he discovered the bathroom window, which has no roof under it. it's a tidy leap from the roof to the (insert whimper here) screen, and after he had scared the bejeezus out of isabel, who was napping in the window, I went in to find him clinging to the screen with a slight look of oh oh on his little furry face...he looked at the roof Over There, and at the ground Down There, said something in cat, and the next sound was a hard thump on the leaves.

He's fine; Isabel got over the shock by noon, and I doubt if he'll try that trick again. always best to be sure you know where the exits are, or even if there are any...


  1. Oooooh, I just love a good cat-get-into-a tough-spot story, and this one is a prize winner.Love it, love it, love it. Its only shortcoming is that it didn't go on and on. Cats! Oh the wild and whacky little beasties! They have that je ne sais quois that gives them, unlike any other creature on this good earth, a readability beyond compare, leaving this blogreader hungry -nay, *famished*- for more.

    Oh do keep them coming Judy. More cat stories, please! More, more, more.

    Got catsup?

  2. raising one eyebrow slightly