Monday, June 29, 2009

Barred Owl

Mother and child, they were so nosy about my car they nearly fell off the branch. One thing they like to do is swoop down over a car on the road, right in front of the windshield, and then swoop back up into a tree, like this. I think they see their reflection in the rear window or the roof, and take it to be another owl.


  1. That owl will eat your cats

  2. I post a comment earlier. I guess it is still floating out there in cyberspace. An owl flew into the door glass on my truck once, nearly scared me to death. I just got a glimpse of it from the side, then this loud smack. I stopped and went back, the owl got up, shook himself off and flew away, meanwhile I was still shaking.

  3. I think that sounds like the same thing, he saw 'another owl' and attacked it.

    we now and then will have a ruffed grouse in a spring mating frenzy try to attack cars on our road, he will follow the car up the hill, whacking the rear window, totally outraged by that strange grouse he sees...