Friday, May 1, 2009

The Year of the Woodpile

After nearly three weeks of relatively intensive labor we have managed to cut down and limb out three large maples, one oak, half a chestnut tree, one black birch and assorted limbs and stuff that had broken off or were just hanging there. The brush pile is eight feet high and growing, and the wood i've managed to throw in and stack so far is over a cord, with more to come. Not next winter's wood, but the winter after.

Considering what it cost us last year for wood (somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 a cord), this is found gold. It does look like this will be my main industry this summer, ticks and blackflies notwithstanding.


The kitchen cupboards are all but finished; one more door, and then paint next fall when there's time for it. I don't really like latex paint, it tends to dry too fast on large pieces, and it simply does not smell like real paint. The only advantage is that it's easy to clean the brushes, so you don't lose that terribly expensive brush to too much paint in the bristles and not enough brush cleaner.

I guess it's all about settling, balancing what works against how much effort you're willing to put into what you really want/prefer.

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