Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The weather elves declared what I had been thinking for about two weeks--it's damned cold for May, where's the balmy stuff?

We are still having at least morning and evening fires, and yesterday kept the kitchen stove on a low fire all day. This morning at 5 AM the temp was 34. I did the Good Thing late yesterday and covered over everything out there that was coverable, with plant pots and such, and a large plastic sheet over the day lilies. I've waited far too long for those things, and I refuse to let them freeze at this stage.

I fully expected to look out this morning and see the entire garden frosted in white. We had a 'flurry' some years back on the 18th of May, 8 inches of flurry and the sorriest jonquils you ever saw...


  1. Peacham Lullaby

    This year, Vermont's
    final snowflake fell
    in Peacham, in the
    next-to-last week of
    April: a snowflake
    smaller than dogwood seed

    (one might say drifting
    but there was less of
    drift than of fall)

    fell on a greening field,
    on a rock on a Tuesday
    just as the sun went
    down; fell on a yellow
    stone and made no sound
    just as the stars came out
    to sing us all to sleep.

  2. oh how lovely. makes me wish I had been there too. thank you for this.