Thursday, May 7, 2009

stat counters--read ALL the words

over the past two months I have been experimenting with stat counters, with varying degrees of success. The first one, WebStat, is by far the best I've found. However, after the free trial, it can cost anywhere from 5.95 to 9.95 a month. That's a lot of bread to lay out, no matter how curious you are about who reads you, for only maybe 50 visitors a month. The last one i tried, StatCounter, turns out to be free but buggy as all getout, and it seems to deteriorate over time.

In reading about it online, there appear to be some software problems, and the site itself has been hacked into more than once. I finally removed the program when I could no longer access my account without signing in every time (and being told "I must have done something"). And after removing all the bits of it on this site, I found last night that it has still been attached but invisible at the bottom of the page. Gone should be gone.

I think the best way to find out about such things is to type in the name of the program you're interested in, and add "problems" or "forums" in the search line. This takes you not to the site, necessarily, but often to a list of user forums where the disgruntled and the pleased sound off as to how well it worked, and how much they love/hate it, and you can decide if this is the program for you, or not.

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