Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garden stuff among other things

we survived a near frost last night; 34 deg. when I got up at 5:30, and apparently the peppers survived, as did the day lilies.

The potatoes are sprouting, go potatoes, go...

The last of the four cords of boughten wood came yesterday, and what was almost an empty woodyard is now, once again, a full wood yard. Sigh.

Found an interesting article in the NY Times (not sure which edition) about a woman who is attempting to "reduce her carbon footprint", and along with other things has gotten rid of the refrigerator.


if you have to make frequent trips to the store and throw out food because you have no place to store it safely, and if you have to cook food in AN OVEN or on a STOVE you are using more energy rather than less.

When I bought a new fridge two years ago I bought a low-end no-frills refrigerator freezer for not much more than I paid for my last one 30 years ago, incredibly. I could not see one bit of energy difference in the fridge touted to be "green' and energy efficient and the old one that wasn't. But the important thing is, if I had bought an electric stove, my energy bill would have probably gone up by 25%.

In a way it's like buying a car that uses alternative sources for power. A Green Car. If you factor in the cost of recharging mr. battery every night, and possibly having to carry a spare battery with you, it turns out that the savings in energy will kick in in about, oh, ten years. And if you pay full price for it, and use credit, you may never recover the cost.

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