Sunday, May 17, 2009

Garden Stuff

the radishes are up, the carrots are planted, as are the pepper plants and entirely too many hills of potatoes, but I thought Id give 'em a go this year. I found two onions sprouting in the crisper and thought, well, if they want to that they are out now, well planted, and we'll see what they look like come summer.

In the herb garden I now have last year's tarragon, spearmint, sage--and added two kinds of lavender, lemon mint, portulaca against the stone wall and something called armeria (sea pink) which is also referred to as a 'ground cover'. Usually that's garden talk for "you'll be SORRY...". Im hoping in a few years for a gentle blended effect, but knowing the vitality and attitude of most mints something tells me it will be more of a battle ground.

That's half the fun of gardening, seeing what happens further down the road, and how things play off of each other. One of the most important things I learned is that there are almost no color combinations or plant groupings that don't work, at some level. The secret is to moosh them all together and let them sort it out themselves.

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