Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life does funny things sometimes

Was reading over some older email stuff to and from a good friend with whom I have lost touch, both emotionally and otherwise. Makes me sad, and I'll never quite know what happened, but know that it does, from time to time. So this is where my boat floats this morning, becalmed, a bit, drifting the way the waters drift.

Life is not safe, it's not predictable.
It's not something you can plan for
much beyond buying a large notebook
and a pen, and filling in what just happened
rather than what you would like to have happen.
It has weather in it, and love,
Bad Things and Good Things. Most times,
the good stuff makes the bad stuff bearable.
And no matter where you go
there will be rocks to trip on, roofs that leak,
and surprises that spring up to poke you in the eye.
Some of those surprises will put your eye out,
but some will just clarify your vision, if you let them.

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