Monday, April 20, 2009


Rain tonight, and depending on the early morning temps, rain tomorrow too. Right now the thermometer is hovering around 35 degrees, and by morning we could have a dusting, or even a foot of flurries, or nice icy slick roads. yippee.

When I opened the door to let Cuffy out awhile ago you could hear the faint, almost dog-whistle caliber sound of spring peepers, down in the run below the house, where it stays wet long enough in the spring most years for them to become grownup tree frogs, most less than an inch long.

Cuffy has been with us almost exactly one year. I keep thinking of all the new things he found this year, from hay piles to cool tractors to sit on, porcupines and turkeys, deer and a warm place to sleep. Food on demand (well, until he hit 14 pounds and Something Had to Done). He is utterly fearless about machinery, and will happily hop on the log splitter (manual not automatic) for a slow ride, or trot alongside the tractor, oblivious to the huge tires...needless to say, "where's cuffy" is a very important question around here.


  1. Hmmmm... a 14 lb cat; a log splitter. Where's Rachel Ray when you need her?

  2. (raising one eyebrow and staring intently at the screen)