Sunday, April 12, 2009

Feelin' Peevish

Pet Peeve #3,782: people who carefully and laboriously back into mall parking spaces when driving through to the other side would have netted them the same advantage with a lot less work

Pet Peeve #3,783: Toyota Scion

Pet Peeve #3, 784/5: Safety caps on meds designed for the elderly--who often have eye problems--with the instructions on how to open printed in white-on-white on the cap. and the instructions on dosage and possible side effects printed in grey on white in pt 2 type on the side.

Those damned sealed inner lids with the 'easy grip' pull tabs that require the strength of a brick layer and the grip of an orangutan to open. Arthritic meds and joint medication (such as glucosamine) are notorious for this. I mean, REALLY...

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