Monday, April 27, 2009

Last week I was reading a women's magazine (something I do about once a year)--in it was a short snippet of advice (along with many many more) for women who are overweight: it said, women who are overweight tend (as I do during my fat years) to wear loose clothing that makes them look larger than they are. It would be so much more attractive if they chose clothing that was more form fitting, to give themselves a better line, visually.

uh, huh. this sounds like it was written by a woman who has never been more than two pounds overweight in her life. Women of size wear loose large clothing not to try to fool anyone into thinking they're skinny little things, but because large loose clothing is much more comfortable. Nothing binds. No restricted arm movement. And most importantly, it nicely hides the rolls and droops and tummies and such that no one (including ourselves) wants to know about anyway. As soon as they slip into that 'form fitting" stuff they realize there is probably going to be a full corset in their future, and all the other uncomfortable things that go with that. And frankly, women who are frankly overweight tend to look--and feel-- like stuffed sausages when they get into clothes that "define" their curves. Oh, please. Spare us.

addendum: one of our local shopping malls has its food court directly across the way from the Lane Bryant store. As you are chowing down on chinese or pizza or ice cream, there are all those huge posters of buxom young women, wearing the latest in xxl underwear and xxl sweaters...

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