Saturday, April 25, 2009

It Won't Last

Stepped 0utside a few minutes ago to try to find my wayward black cat Isabel, who is having none of this inside stuff on a nice warm evening, no siree...

In the front field the peepers are suddenly much louder than they were, and beyond them what sounds like barred owls calling to one another across the woods. Up the hill I can hear a truck with its backup sound, probably our wood guy doing something with his equipment. And one of the neighbors has his boombox out there beside the above ground pool; on a still night like this sound travels across the fields and through woods the way it does across water in the dark.

It's warm out, even for a May or June night, and as people like to say around here, "it can't last, don't get used to it". True, but I like to savor it when i can. I suppose you could say that about anything out there, from seasons to winter storms to a house being built or even living. 'It won't last, don't get used to it." Some folks like to take the zip out of everything, don't they.


  1. All things must, after all, admit the First Noble Truth: The Dharma of Impermanence, no?

  2. True, Mr. Existential, but sometimes it's nice, even though you KNOW it won't last, to enjoy what's there while it is without being reminded that change happens, gravity happens, nothing lasts forever.