Friday, April 17, 2009

dry spells

Despite the insane amounts of snow last winter, we are having a very early dry spring; only two days of heavy rain in a month, and now that the trees are about to bud out it makes the drought more serious.

In a lot of communities the sign in front of the fire department warns about outside burning, and the forest fire danger is up there on the chart. This is once again a heavily wooded state, despite mall builders and their best efforts to pave every square inch of pavable earth, and when you live in close company with acres and acres of trees, rain becomes an important part of your life.

We live on ten acres of land surrounded by hundreds of acres of forest, ours and the neighbors', and I think every one of us has become expert at automatically sniffing the air when we go out.
I value the free time without rain in it, for the outside work--but I'd gladly give a bit of that up right now for two days of steady rain, just to wet things down a bit.

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