Monday, April 6, 2009

Contentment trumps vanity

A friend of mine sent me this URL last night. It's a test on vanity, self-worth, narcissism. There are, as the text says, no right or wrong answers, only your own sense of how you answer. At the end there is an evaluation chart. The results may be a bit unsettling, especially for older people--took me awhile to understand why four of us, all near 65 and over, did as we did (way below what the man calls the 'national average').

This is a test slanted (all tests are slanted, depending on the demographic, arent they) toward younger people, who are still goal oriented. They haven't got there yet, and are still reaching for the brass ring, or the next brass ring. Once you get to a certain age group you are now backing off a bit, having reached your goals or stopped trying so hard. A certain level of contentment or realization (which may be good or not) creeps in, and your priorities have usually become vastly different than they were when you were twenty, or forty.

The test has value, even for us old guys, since it showed me that instead of a striving for the next goal, we have turned all that energy into personal private goals that have little to do with what the neighbors think or getting a raise next quarter.

Not such a bad deal, after all.

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