Friday, March 6, 2009

spring songs

Been up since 5:30. This happens now, as the days get longer and I wake with the light--by midsummer I'll be awake and staring at 4 am; for an avowed night person this can be mightily disturbing, cutting my sleep time down to five or less hours a night.

The crows are out there now, rattling about at the perimeter of the fields, having a high old time. In flocks like this they remind me of my father's family, a huge rowdy bunch of his brother's kids--three girls and two boys, all living in the same area, all married, all with their own kids. When they got together once a week for dinner at Uncle Fred's house it was like being witness to that flock of crows; loud, raucous, never still--and yet they enjoyed each other's company and there was rarely a snitty scene, in any direction. And they were all friends, and very loyal to one another. Large families sometimes go that way, they like--and take care of--each other and become all the friends they need. It's fun to watch, and fun to be included in the mix. These days it happens less and less, and our friends are from 'outside' the family, more often than not.

In the days of large extended families much of your time was taken up with them, and any close friends you made outside of that grouping were unusual. One turned to family first, and friends second. Now we talk about networking, social groups, and scary places like Facebook and MySpace and all the others (five hundred of your closest friends, yep) which in a way only points up how much most people need to feel connected, no matter the risks involved...

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