Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Well, parts of us think winter's over...

We had 18 inches of new snow night before last. Plow, plow, shovel shovel shovel. We have quite literally run out of roadsides to put it on, (our driveway is in a valley, a former riverbed) and are considering renting a friend to move some of it with his bucket loader. One should always Know People with road/construction equipment, it's so much cheaper than owning/storing the stuff yourself.

Last night I got sloppy with the stove and put one final stick of wood in, barely enough to keep it running for an hour, and went to bed. The woodsman part of me no longer cares, and the parts that wear all those carefully layered clothes are in agreement. Winter, for them, is over, and the weather had better know that and catch up very quickly. Even at zero this morning outside and a brisk 50 degrees inside, I wasnt alarmed. Sun's out, got two stoves started, it'll warm up. shrug.

This happened last year, long about mid February, too. We had a long winter, starting in Mid November, and by February everyone, it seems, had had enough, already. Even at 20 degrees in a stiff wind, in the parking lots you would see people walking coatless, hatless, ungloved and unbooted. Little kids with no coats on. I did wear the coat, but refused to button it. It's as if something in us rebels after several months, and refuses to acknowledge the cold any longer. It gets almost Zen-like.

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