Sunday, February 22, 2009

major winter weather event

For the first time in not nearly long enough we listened to the weather on TV tonight. I only paid attention to the voice, from another room. Even at that, I could feel my anxiety level rise, my heart started to beat faster, and I thought, hey, it's just SNOW. It's just another damn storm.

Then I started listening to the voice as a voice, not what he was saying, and realized he was speaking in that urgent, "it's outta the park, it's a home run, the Dodgers win!" voice, somewhere in the upper register. It's a tone designed to communicate excitement, anxiety, even panic.

I've lived in New England for 63 years, and seen a LOT of snowstorms, most of them without the benefit of an over-the-top rip and read weatherman inciting his listeners to anxiety attacks about weather.

And so tomorrow we will greet the new snow which may or may not turn to rain, may or may not turn to sleet, and accumulations of anywhere between six and 18 inches. Probably. Unless the weather changes. This is, after all, New England, and all the meteorologists in the world can't do a thing about it.

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