Saturday, February 28, 2009

Even the air smells different

Two weeks ago we had our annual January thaw, lasted two days and the temps got up to 40 or thereabouts. At the time I thought, even the air smells different, even though there is more snow out there than anyone needs. My mother-in-law, a woman without a vestige of whimsy in her body, agreed.

And this morning, after a lovely all night rain, the air still, indeed, has a different cast to it. Not sure what causes it, but this time of year it happens, late or soon, and my spirits start to stir, to move about a bit more. The sap begins to rise in the trees, and I think in humans as well.

Winter depression is a difficult time, partly because you KNOW it's gonna happen again, and partly because all of the sage advice about getting more exercise and sitting in the sunlight really don't obtain--unless you consider, wood stoves, roof shoveling, and stair climbing less worthy of the name Exercise...perhaps if one paid for the use of a stair machine, and did strength training lifting expensive weights in a gym, that would qualify as exercise. with a capital $.

But the sun is higher and the days are definitely getting longer. In a month, or maybe a bit more...

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