Monday, July 21, 2008

Tomato talk

One of my tomato plants was uprooted, cage and all, two days ago, after a really violent thunderstorm. I was horrified. It looked like a half dead beast, lying there on its side...but I upended it, stuffed the roots back in the ground, and anchored the cage a bit more firmly.
It sulked all day yesterday and today when I went to check it was looking much better. The stress must be amazing, especially when you have two dozen tomatoes hanging off your limbs...

Counted tomatoes this morning, just for fun. One of my inground plants has over forty, one has more than fifty, but I lost my place in the count...These are Early Girls and they have always performed well for me. I also have two in pots, Better Boys, and they don't impress me nearly as much.

I plan to can this stuff, since I'm the only one who likes raw tomatoes, and shouldnt really be eating them anyway--and last year I discovered that skinning them as they come ripe and then freezing what you have is a perfect way to get the fruit at its peak without having to wait for all the tomatoes to ripen before you start canning.

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