Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cuffy Photo

Some people look at this and say, that is one mean looking son of a bitch, others say, he looks like he owns everything and knows it. Let's just say he has rules, very fixed rules, and as long as you obey them, he'll let you live in the house with him.

He has turned out to be a water cat, meaning if you run water in the sink he's there, watching it run down the drain. If you pour a bucket of water on the driveway he will follow that stream of water all the way until it runs out and sinks into the dirt. He doesn't mind wet grass, rain, or the garden hose. I suspect he would enjoy a nice swim now and then, if we had a pond. And no I am not building a pond for Cuffy. Im just glad he hasnt figured out how to get the taps turned on yet.

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