Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Compost and other Magical Things

First, there's Cuffy. His breathing settled down to normal overnight, and since last week his asthma/breathing attacks have been reduced to one or two a day, very mild. He also has far more energy, and trots about as if he owned the place. We've been going for walks in the woods. He looks all the way UP tall trees, over and over again, as if he was assessing them for climbing. He's very careful about new adventures, and tends to watch me, see what I'm going to do next.

This evening he has spent outside on the porch, looking off into the darkness, listening to night sounds. I keep remembering how different this life must be for him, and how much adapting he has had to do. I just hope he doesnt decide that the porcupines are a new form of playtoy.

Compost. Damn, what a magical thing that is. I call it "magic dirt" and it is indeed. I've been learning how to build a proper pile so it heats up to a nice even 150 degrees and stays there long enough to break things down. Then turn it (not as big a chore as I used to think it was), mix it up, get some air into it, and let it cook some more. It takes at least three or four turns before you begin to see results, but once that happens...
we are now, suddenly, smack in the middle of summer, heading for heat, for mid summer flowers, for Hot Weather. Damn all, but that was fast.

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