Thursday, July 24, 2008


Some people can walk past a bar and never feel the slightest tug, others need to be carried out nightly. Some of us smoke and quit and smoke and quit and I have heard nicotine addiction to be as difficult to quit as heroin--I believe it. Any addiction that is relatively socially acceptible sorts you into two factions: the addicted and the non-addicted, with the smoker, drinker, gum chewer, faction always urging you to continue, partly because they don't want to be alone with their cravings. "Well, they smoke, drink, chew gum too", we reason. "We're not alone."

Then there is the internet addiction, which encompasses a huge percentage of the population, and inside that large group we have managed to splinter off into our own justified (and relatively silent or at least private) passions; whether it's porn, net surfing, blogs, chat rooms or games,
it's ours and no one needs to know unless we tell 'em.

Hi, my name is Mittens and I am a game addict.

Up until now the free games have been a nice middle ground for me, free without the pressure of pay to play and play to justify the 20$ or the 15 or the whatever it costs. I have an account at Pogo, which is my only (at the moment) pay to play game, and I am resisting the siren call of several others. However.

Blizzard has an offer of a ten day free trial for Worlds of WarCraft, no credit cards involved, just play your brains out for ten days, and if you're hooked then you go to the store and buy a store game that hooks into the net. Hook is the word. I finally gave in at least as far as the free trial goes, if only to satisfy my curiosity about it; I can see where it grabs at you. The reward and punishment psychology is perfect, and you get to dress your avatar in ever more powerful armor and weapons.

But, knowing my tendencies to play like mad for about three months and then wander off to something new, perhaps I can resist the lure of the download. I. Will. Resist.

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