Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ripoff part 2

Home Gardening Club; sounds good. They send you a packet of info and a chance to test garden products, they promise to send you Fiskar Pruning Shears and a kneeling mat. Yay, you think. Then they ask if you'd like their magazine, on subscription, for 24 bucks for two years. Not a bad deal. Its glossy, it's got some interesting articles, the pictures are pretty; not a lot of depth, but I've gotten some good info out of them already.

However. Yesterday I received a positively breathless letter from them, saying that I had been selected (one of only a few aha) for a chance at Lifetime Membership. Free, by golly. Yep, that's what they said. To that end they were rebating my magazine subscription price and there was the check at the top of the letter to prove it--and here is the catch--you had to send the check back to THEM, and they would put it toward the Lifetime Membership fee.

Um. Fee? Now it turns out you 'only' have to pony up $18 a month instead of the usual $24 a month for a year, and your lifetime membership will be all paid up. Forever. If you do the math on that, a Lifetime Membership costs $288 (full price) or $216 (if you figure in the 'discount') and since the only thing you are paying for is a magazine subscription, that's 24 years of magazine and not much else. Im 62: that means that by the time I'm 86 i will be riding free with Home Gardening Club. wowzie.

I still haven't received my kneeling cushion or Fiskar Shears, either.

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