Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cuffy's Big Adventure

He's been coughing and wheezing for about two weeks now, and I suddenly realized this sounds and acts a lot like asthma AND hairballs. So off we went to the vet this morning. ( I found some puppy training sheets at the supermarket that will hold a LOT of puppy pee, so he had one of those and an old towel in the carrier with him. ) That nervous bladder can be hell on the driver and the cat as well...

The vet xrayed him, and we looked at the pictures together. He has the beginnings of pneumonia, and what the vet said appears to be asthma, and in the lower right corner of the picture was a small round dot no bigger than a bit of birdshot, and that's what it was. If he had been in a slightly different place when that hit, there wouldnt be a cuffy at all.

So he had a shot for the pneumonia, and a steroid shot for the asthma, they stuffed him back in the carrier, and now he's home sleeping off all the excitement.

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