Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cuffy (III)

Now that was a long night. I was sure by dark he had gone for good; not a rustle, not a meow. This morning I woke up, put the cats out, and there he was on the porch, looking quite annoyed
and quite hungry.

He came in, ate two full cans of food, had a nap, then ate another. I had to shut him off finally, don't want him thinking this is a steady all day diner...put him out, and lo, he knows how to use the cat door.

Small things, but they all mean I can trust him to be out, to be in, to behave.

The relief is immense, although I'm sure the others are less than overjoyed by his prodigal return...

Rain today, all day it seems, and we were beginning to need it badly. Once the trees start to leaf out they suck a lot of that moisture out of the ground very rapidly. Wood stoves feel good on a day like this, for sure.

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