Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cuffy II

well, now. after the second day in a row being awakened by the aroma of kitty pee at 4 am, I thought, this is getting insane. It isnt exactly something you can ignore, so I was in the dining room on hands and knees with the PineSol, considering my options. And his.

We're down to two. Either he becomes a cellar-at-night-cat (not really acceptable), or an indoor-outdoor cat much sooner than we had anticipated. I'm hoping he stays, I'm praying to the God that Protects Small Furry Cats that he doesnt try to go home. He has gone to ground somewhere, and with luck is merely sleeping in the leaves under the porch. Ive left food out for him to find.

If he goes, he will be a very expensive stray kitty again.

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