Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15, 2008

The crocuses are up, and the anemones. the jonquils should be in bloom by Friday. Small things, yes, but when you have spent five months staring at nothing but snow, snow, snow, something as minor as a spring crocus or a robin yelling its head off loom very large on the landscape.

Winter here tends to be pretty quiet. No road noise (the snow muffles that), not even crows or owls. Not until mid January do the crows begin to start getting a bit rowdy out there, and only now, when everything is beginning to feel like yes, we made it, do the woods begin to open up with sound. Today, a pileated woodpecker, beating his brains out on a half dead maple, deep in the woods behind the house. Perhaps in a few days a woodcock and their distinctive peent peent peent, like small boats announcing themselves as they come back to port...

We are on the verge of getting two new cats, to flesh out the three we have already. I dont believe I've ever had two full grown cats arrive together, and I suspect ears, noses and tails will be severely stressed over this.
Good for 'em, they could use some new faces to stare at.

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